What are the indications that you or your loved one may benefit from our services?

  • Are they living in only a portion of their home, not going into the other part except on rare occasions?

  • They can’t do the stairs anymore?  If this is the case, they may not have been in their basement or attic for some time.

  • It is more difficult to keep the house as clean as it once was?

  • Their freezer is filled with frozen dinners and it is more challenging to prepare regular, nutritious meals?

  • There’s 1 ailing parent and the other has become the Caregiver?

  • Do they have an overabundance of stuff piling up?

  • Is it overwhelming to think of going through possessions collected over a lifetime.

If you have answered yes to all or even one of these points, then it might be time to hire NEXTChapter to partner with you through this process!

Make a Plan

It’s always a good idea before we come to your house and start making changes, for you to take some time to sit quietly - alone, with your family, or both - and think about what you would like to see happen. If you are not sure what that is, then here are some things you may want to consider.

Before getting started:

  • Discuss with family members what they want – We do not want any surprises. There is nothing worse than to donate something your loved one was hoping they would get. We can work out how the details of how to get the items to them later.


  • Become Generous – Offer to gift items you no longer need or have room for. This could be for grandchildren, children (keep in mind – they too may be purging), friends & other family members. It is often so nice to see your possessions in the house of your loved ones when you go to visit.


  • What things are important to you? – Write down things that are important to you so we don’t miss anything. As we begin working with you, it is easy to become overwhelmed, so it’s good to have things written down to reference.


  • What items will stay? – This will depend on the size of the home you are moving to and what will fit. We will make a floorplan together of your new home (if you have a new one picked out already). If you are remaining in your home and we are simply reorganizing your space to give you more room, then we need to know what must stay.


  • What items are definitely going to go? – These will be items that you want to see go right away.


  • Your Privacy is very important to us – We follow a strict code of Ethics, drawn up by NASMM (National Association of Senior Move Managers). We do not share any information about you, your family or your home with anyone. However, if there is anything in your home, you do not want us to see; you can remove it or keep it behind a closed door. We all have had background checks and are insured and bonded for your protection & safety.


  • Everyone has his or her “scary” room, closet or drawer – that they do not want anyone to see. We are not here to pass judgment- just the opposite! We are here to help you downsize and organize. However, if you feel the need to straighten up those unseen areas you certainly can but it is unnecessary. Remember you are not alone.


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