• Ashley Rogers

8 Benefits of Using a Senior Move Manager

Moving can be a daunting task for anyone, but this can be even more so with seniors. 

Many older adults have lived in their homes for decades, and there has been a lifetime of accumulated memories and belongings. When deciding what will fit in a new home, sorting and organizing personal items can be a time-consuming process that inflicts physical and emotional stress. Then, upon completing the downsizing process, the actual move into a new home must be completed. 

For many adult children, even those who live close to their parents, career and family commitments may prevent them from assisting in the moving process. Conversely, events that often initiate a senior move, such as illness or death, can leave all family members involved emotionally overwhelmed. Because of these obstacles, hiring a senior move manager can assist in making the complicated transition of a senior move so much easier.

Senior Move Managers perform a myriad of services to assist their clients and families. Here are eight of these services and benefits:

1. Developing a Detailed Action Plan and Timetable

Experts suggest that the best way to start organizing is to “assess your situation and put a plan together.” A Senior Move Manager starts off with a meeting to listen and gain an understanding about a client’s needs and priorities. After this, the manager performs a survey of the home or space. Through careful inspection of the home, the manager can put together a personalized transition plan tailored to individual needs. In addition, the Move Manager is able to identify any potential obstacles that need to be addressed (i.e. basement or garage, an overstuffed, pantry filled with expired food, etc.). 

The foundation steps are identified and a schedule is assembled in order to complete a successful and stress-free move.

2. Creating a Floor Plan for the New Home

When moving to a new, often smaller, home, deciding on the placement of items within a new floor plan can appear difficult. It’s important to assess the new space and develop a floor plan. Knowing the dimensions and the layout of a new space will help determine the scale of downsizing that is needed; a Senior Move Manager will be able to determine what a client has room for in new home, which pieces make the most sense from both an appearance and storage standpoint, and what portion of belongings will need to be sold. given to family members, or donated.

A custom floor plan made with the professional assistance of a Senior Move Manager will also successfully utilize smaller spaces with streamlined organization and experienced space management.

3. Organizing and Sorting

After a Senior Move Manager creates a to-scale custom floor plan of a client’s space, the manager will help decide what furniture pieces will work best in the new space. From there, the manager will go through personal belongings and determine what items are things to keep, give to family, sell, donate, or discard.

A Senior Move Manager is able to sort, organize, and pack at a client’s desired pace, giving a client time to go through the emotional process of sorting items that hold memories and personal history in a time frame that works for them.

4. Dispersing Unwanted Items Through Consignment, Donation or Estate Sale

Once all personal items have been itemized, sorted, and evaluated, it’s time to remove all items that

are not traveling to a client’s new home. During this stage, a senior move manager will assist their client in shipping, gifting, donating, discarding, or selling any unwanted items.

A Senior Move Manager will work through a trusted network of Estate Sale professionals, auctioneers, charities, antique dealers and appraisers, and junk “haul-away” companies to ensure that a client’s home will be cleaned out and left in “broom clean” condition.

5. Identifying and Hiring Needed Services Such as Cleaning, Waste Removal, etc.

As mentioned earlier, a Senior Move Manager works with trusted local companies to facilitate senior client moves. A manager will assess all the individual needs of a client and can hire any or all the services that are required. There are many services that may be needed, including home staging, real estate representation, home cleaning, waste removal, etc.

6. Interviewing, Scheduling and Overseeing Movers

A Senior Move Manager can recommend and coordinate with moving companies that will work well with a client’s specific needs. Once a manager and client have decided on a particular moving company, the manager can negotiate prices, contracts, and terms that are agreeable to all involved

In addition to overseeing a moving company, a Senior Move Manager will ensure that all the details of a move are taken care of. This includes coordinating moving details with a client’s new community, and scheduling and coordinating the moving company. 

7. Managing Moving Day

On the day of a move, a Senior Move Manager does everything to ensure that the move is handled smoothly according the transition plan set in place. The manager maintains contact with the client and all the companies involved, to make sure that all details are handled and all tasks are completed.

8. Unpacking and Setting Up the New Home

Once a client is in their new space, a Senior Move Manager helps unpack and set up a client’s new home. The manager can assist in the setup process of the kitchen, bathrooms, storage areas, bedrooms, living rooms, and closets. 

In addition, the manager will make sure that every detail is attended to in order to make the transition smooth. This can include setting up electronic devices, making beds, hanging pictures and art, setting out decorative items, and ensuring that the home is established according to a client’s wishes and design.  Managers take photos of the client's previous home and furniture so that they can easily recreate the same feeling in the new home.

Finally, the Senior Move Manager removes all boxes, packing materials, and debris from a client’s new home. This way, the client can quickly and peacefully settle into their new home.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a Senior Move Manager has many benefits to senior adults and their families. Here are a few more reasons to hire Senior Move Manager:

· Eliminates the potential for financial exploitation

· Allows a senior adult to downsize in an organized and dignified manner

· Gives more control to seniors

· Ensures expert attention to detail

· Decreases family stress and allows family members to emotionally support their senior adult

· Solves problems you never anticipated

If you are interested in hiring a Senior Move Manager, consider NEXTChapter Senior Transitions for your move!  We can provide a comprehensive move or various a la carte services, to fit within your budget.


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