Robin Blankenship
Founder & Owner

While helping my parents downsize and transition from their home to a nearby retirement community, I learned how difficult it can be for seniors to downsize, pack, move, and settle into a new home and lifestyle.  I saw a great need in the Chattanooga area for a team that could help Seniors deal with the difficult decisions, the overwhelming details, and intense emotions that are often involved in this process.


Many Seniors experience the following challenges:


  • They do not have anyone who can help with the transition

  • They do not have children or others who live close enough to help

  • Their children or others do not have the time to devote to helping with the transition due to work or other responsibilities

  • Their children or others do not have the expertise and/or experience to manage this process

  • They are in a period of grief, physical difficulty, or other stressful time that may indicate changes in living arrangements sooner than they may have planned


My background in Private Banking, Financial Planning and work in Non-Profit Organizations

has uniquely equipped me to:


  • Manage complex projects

  • Work well with Seniors and their families

  • Present various options and alternatives

  • Coordinate an effective team

  • Communicate and negotiate with Movers, Contractors, Estate Sale Professionals, and others involved in the transition process


We have two Goals for our Clients:


  1. That each Senior's transition is joyful and well-executed, with NextCHAPTER taking care of the details so they can focus on the big picture and enjoy the next chapter in their life.  

  2. That every Senior has an exceptional experience, and that their family members know that their loved ones are being treated with compassion, dignity, and respect.


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